Digital marketing

Facebook Ads

Advertising tool with simplified usage. Thanks to user information, it is effective for sales and e-commerce campaigns.

Google Display

Ads that appear in the form of banners on websites and applications. Users are targeted based on information that Google possesses about them.

User-Generated Content

We create unique ads commonly referred to as UGC (User-Generated Content). They are designed for social media, and the goal of such ads is to promote the sale of products or services.

Amazon Advertising and optimization

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Website development

Website, e-commerce, and application development in collaboration with marketers alongside designers and developers. The focus is on creating pages that effectively drive sales.

clients & partners

Semir Musić


Edin Halilović

CEO and Co-Founder

Sanjin Kolaković

Chief Operating Officer

Dženan Tucaković

Head of Sales

Adi Pohara

Facebook Advertising Manager

Elma Škulj

Full Stack Developer

Irma Husarkić

Social Media Marketing Assistant

Mevludin Muratović

Digital Marketing Consultant

Dženan Omanović

Social Media Marketing Manager

Merima Maslan

Social Media Marketing Assistant

Kemal Avdović

Graphic Designer

Ajsela Mujić

Sales Assistant

Maida Kovač

Digital Performance Specialist

Indir Salihović

Web Developer

Amila Hadžimuratović

Office Manager

Dinka Kovačević

Sales Manager

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