General terms and conditions – Lilium d.o.o. Sarajevo

The general terms and conditions apply to all agreed-upon campaigns or contracts for advertising and promotion through digital channels, contracts for website development, or contracts for website maintenance, as well as contracts for administration and management of social media accounts. If different conditions are agreed upon in the contract, those specified in the contract shall apply. These general terms and conditions are valid for advertising in Bosnia and Herzegovina from October 1, 2019.

1. Authorizations / General Sales Terms

The agency provides an official offer upon request, which includes a budget proposal and/or a projection of results with a validity period of 30 days. After the expiration of this period, Lilium d.o.o. reserves the right to resend the offer proposal. The execution of agreed-upon tasks is carried out after the written confirmation of the offer by the client. Confirmation also includes payment according to the submitted offer or proforma invoice, or as otherwise agreed with the client. The client is required to confirm the offer at the latest seven days before the desired start date of the campaign. Otherwise, the agency cannot guarantee the start of the campaign on the desired date.

2. Start of the campaign and duration

Approval of campaigns through digital channels may take time because approval is awaited from Google or Facebook, and the agency has no influence on the speed of campaign and ad approval. Approval may take up to 24 or 48 hours, and for campaigns starting on Friday, approval may take until the next working day. The agency has control over internal processes and commits to promptly informing the client about campaign settings and activities. Timely notification is considered one sent within 12 hours of the agency receiving information from a third party about the postponement of the campaign start for any reason.

3. The start of website development and its duration

The agency will commence the development of the website upon receiving written confirmation of the offer and the necessary materials for the basic structure of the site. The client agrees that the duration of website development, as defined in the offer, starts from the moment the offer is accepted, which includes payment according to the proforma invoice, invoice, or offer, and the submission of content.

During the website development process, the client will receive the first and subsequent versions of the site via email, which is the official means of communication during website development. If there are objections to the appearance or functionality of the site, the client will provide them in writing to the email address, and only written comments will be considered valid for further communication and the creation of new versions.

4. Price and Payment Terms

The price of a campaign is the one the client accepted in the previously sent offer. The price is on a monthly basis unless otherwise agreed in writing.

The price is increased by the regular amount of VAT. Each campaign is paid according to the proforma invoice before the start of the campaign unless otherwise agreed in writing. Campaigns are financed in real-time in line with the budget, which is why payment before the start of the campaign is emphasized.

Lilium d.o.o. will send the original invoice to the client at the address specified on the invoice, along with the fiscal receipt. If necessary, the client can request a scanned copy of the invoice. The invoice will be issued by the agency upon the conclusion of the contract, agreed-upon business, or upon the completion of the campaign, as defined in the contract or agreed upon in sales meetings with the client. The invoice’s due date is 7 days.

In case of overdue payment, the client is obliged, without the agency’s call for execution, to fulfill the financial obligation within 30 days. The deadline for fulfilling the financial obligation starts from the day the client receives the invoice and receipt or from the day the agency fulfills its obligations to the debtor (client).

If the debtor delays the fulfillment of the financial obligation, in addition to the principal amount, the debtor owes the agency, without any further notice, interest on the delayed payment, provided that the agency has fulfilled all its contractual and legal obligations promised to the client.

If the debtor delays the fulfillment of the financial obligation, the agency has the right, without any further notice, to a special fee in the amount of 100.00 KM. The agency has the right to this special fee regardless of whether it has suffered damage due to the debtor’s delay. This in no way limits or excludes the agency’s right to compensation for damages, costs of forced collection proceedings, and other rights arising from the debtor’s delay.

Lilium d.o.o. will not approve a campaign for clients who have not settled their obligations from previous campaigns.

The price of website development is defined by the web offer accepted by the client before the start of website development. Payment is made according to the proforma invoice unless otherwise defined in the contract or written communication.

The price of website maintenance is defined by the maintenance agreement, and the hourly rate of individual services offered by the agency is defined in it. Payment is made on a monthly basis, based on the calculation for the previous month. An invoice is issued by the 10th of the month for the previous month, with a due date of 7 days.

5. Changes in prices

In the case of drastic changes in market traffic prices and other changes, Lilium d.o.o. reserves the right to change prices but to inform clients with whom it has a contract or a previous agreement in a timely manner.

In the event of price changes during the agreed-upon period, the client pays a fee according to the new prices valid on the day of service execution, except in cases of advance payments or already ordered campaigns, where the prices in effect on the payment date apply.

6. Extension of Long-Term Contracts

Long-term contracts are considered those lasting six months or longer. Lilium d.o.o. undertakes to notify the client of the contract’s expiration at least 30 days before its expiration, and it will not be automatically extended, unless otherwise stated in the contract.

7. Cancellation of Collaboration, Campaign, and Termination of Contract

Cancellation of Campaign is defined by the Business Collaboration Agreement, if a Business Collaboration Agreement has been signed. If the client has ordered the campaign via email or phone and if the order has been confirmed in written or verbal communication, and an invoice has been issued for the provided service or the service that will be provided, the campaign cannot be canceled. The client can stop the campaign and retain the right to use the remaining part of the unspent money for the same or other campaigns, all in agreement with the Agency. In case of the need to pause the campaign, it is necessary to send a written notice by mail or email to one of the Agency’s addresses, requesting and justifying the suspension of the campaign. The Agency will stop the campaign as soon as possible, taking into account that the exact moment of stopping the campaign depends on services such as Google and Facebook and the operation of specific platforms operating in different time zones, so stopping the campaign can be extended for several hours, but a maximum of 12 hours from the moment of receiving the notification and the request to pause the campaign. In case of termination of the Agreement, the conditions defined in each individual Agreement that has been signed are valid.

8. Graphic Design and Preparation of Banners for Campaigns

In the case of Google Display campaigns, Facebook and/or Instagram campaigns, or any other campaign agreed upon between the Agency and the Client, the client is obliged to inform the Agency if they will prepare them. The client must provide materials for creating banners and visuals (images, ideas, logos, text, etc.) to the Agency no later than seven days before the desired start of the campaign. The Agency undertakes to provide proposals via email no later than three working days after receiving the materials, ask for the Client’s opinion, and proceed with any corrections, unless otherwise stated in written communication to the Client. After the Client approves the final appearance of the visuals, the Agency will create other dimensions of banners/creatives for all available positions.

The Agency is not responsible for preparing additional dimensions for the Client’s needs unless otherwise agreed in writing, and the creation of additional visuals will be charged according to the regular price list. Regular visuals and creatives for campaigns for which the Agency is responsible will have prices and/or discounts from the offer. In case the Client requests subsequent drastic changes to already agreed visuals or new creative solutions within one campaign, the banner creation will be charged according to the regular graphic design services price list.

9. Rules for Independent Creation of Visuals and Banners

In case the Client provides visuals and banners to the Agency, they must be delivered in allowed formats and according to specified specifications that adhere to best practices. For Google banners, to be accepted by Google, they need to be in appropriate supported formats: PNG and JPG (for static banners) and AMP HTML5 and HTML5 (for dynamic banners). Google banners must weigh a maximum of 150 KB per banner. Dynamic banners may include animations, but attention must be paid to ensure that the banner size does not exceed 150 KB. Flash animations are not allowed, nor is continuous animation, i.e., the so-called infinity loop. The animation must not last longer than 30 seconds, and on the last slide, with which the animation ends, the logo, company name, or website must be displayed. It is necessary to provide clear information about the subject of the promotion, i.e., what the user can expect when clicking on the banner. The simplest way to show this is with a logo. If the background of the banner is in white or another light color, it is necessary to mark the edges with another color to make them visible. The same rules apply to static banners. Regarding Facebook visuals and creatives, they must also be in specified formats, and text on the image should not occupy more than 20% of the image area. Creatives with more than 20% of the space covered by text will be approved by Facebook, but such a campaign will be of extremely poor quality, resulting in significantly lower user engagement.

The Agency cannot guarantee the success of campaigns when using visuals and banners that are not in line with recommended practices. The Agency emphasizes that the results of campaigns may vary depending on the quality and attractiveness of the creatives to the audience.

10. Providing Technical Preconditions for Campaign Start

The Client is obliged to provide the Agency with all technical preconditions for setting up and implementing campaigns. Technical preconditions include: access to Facebook/Instagram accounts, implementation of remarketing code (or, alternatively, providing administrative access data for the website or Facebook page for the installation of codes by the Agency), implementation of Google Analytics, access to other accounts for better and more efficient performance of agreed tasks. Otherwise, the Agency cannot guarantee the success of the campaign and the satisfaction of the projection of results.

11. Providing Technical Prerequisites for Website Creation/Implementation of Website Maintenance Agreement

If the website creation project is planned on servers not maintained by Lilium d.o.o., the client undertakes to provide administrative access data for hosting and/or administrative access to the platform on which the website was created.

In the case of a Maintenance Agreement, the Client undertakes that, throughout the duration of the Agreement, administrative accesses for Lilium d.o.o. will be active, and Lilium d.o.o. will be the only one with administrative accesses to the website.

Exceptions to these rules may be defined in an individual Agreement.

12. Implementation and Execution of Campaigns

The Agency will execute all campaigns in agreement with the Client and with prior clear communication through written channels.

The Agency uses its own business accounts on Google and Facebook, from which campaigns are launched, unless otherwise agreed in written communication. The Client can request a report or additional information about the progress of the campaign at any time. The Agency will not provide access to its accounts and resources to the Client, except in cases where the Client has a Consulting Agreement on a six-month or annual basis.

In extraordinary situations (technical reasons) in which the Agency is unable to execute the campaign/promotion, it will notify the client in writing. Technical reasons exclusively involve unplanned and unexpected problems in working with platforms and other software used for service execution, as well as problems that may arise on platforms, over which the Agency has no control.

The Agency reserves the right, in the best interest of the client, to determine the schedule and dynamics of using the budget, propose changes to creative solutions or texts, and inform the client in writing about it.

13. Implementation of Website Creation/Website Maintenance Agreements

The Agency will carry out the website creation within the period clearly outlined in the Website Offer that the Client received before the start of work. Deviations from these deadlines can be defined by additional acts or mutual agreement.

The Website Maintenance Agreement between the Agency and the Client is concluded for a period of 12 months and is silently extended. Maintenance implies work on the website at the client’s request. The Agency in the Website Maintenance Agreement defines the prices of services for Editors, Programmers, and Designers, and invoices them on a monthly basis for the previous month.

14. Photodocumentation/Screenshots

The Agency is not responsible for the photodocumentation of active campaigns unless otherwise agreed in writing.

15. Court Jurisdiction

In case of dispute, it will be resolved amicably; otherwise, the court in Sarajevo is competent.

16. Complaints and Objections

Complaints are valid if submitted in writing, via email, with possible evidence (screenshots) indicating the reported errors. The Agency will react as soon as possible, make corrections, or provide additional explanations for the situation.

17. Reporting on Campaign Success

The Agency will provide the client with a final report on campaigns in PDF format after the end of the campaign, no later than three working days after the campaign is completed. During the campaign, the Client has the opportunity to request a temporary report, a snapshot of the situation, or other information about the course of the campaign.

It is desirable for the Client, after completing the campaign, to provide feedback in writing about satisfaction with the performed tasks and campaign results for the improvement of future campaigns.

18. Agency Obligations

Lilium d.o.o. is obliged to inform the client in a timely manner about the General Terms and Conditions. Timely notification also includes posting a link to this document on the official website of the Agency, at and related subpages, as well as highlighting the link in official emails from employees or any other written form of communication between the Client and the Agency.

19. Entry into Force of General Business Conditions

The General Business Conditions come into force on the day of signing the Agreement between the Agency and the Client or on the day of concluding an agreement on the execution of advertising, promotion, or website creation, website maintenance, or other tasks. By establishing cooperation between the Client and the Agency (acceptance of the offer in writing or payment according to the submitted offer, pro forma invoice, or invoice), it is understood and implied that the Client has been informed about the General Business Conditions and fully understands and agrees with them.

Privacy Policies

Privacy policies apply to all agreed campaigns or advertising and promotion contracts through digital channels, website creation or website maintenance contracts, or agreements or contracts for social media account administration and community management.

If different conditions are agreed upon in the contract, then those from the contract apply. These privacy policies apply to all clients from August 1, 2019.

1. Summary

At Lilium (“Lilium,” “we,” “our,” or “us”), we are committed to protecting the privacy of data, integrity, and accuracy of any private information you provide to us. We always strive to preserve data from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, publication, or alteration of your personal data. We collect only those data relevant to the described purposes of use. The purpose of this Data Privacy Notice is to inform you about the nature of processing your personal data and to inform you about your rights.

2. Purpose

The purpose of processing your personal data is for future communication, which you can cancel at any time, with the aim of promoting the content described in the communication preceding the completion of personal data on the contact form. Typical promotions for which we collect data include: advertising available job positions in our team, advertising available job positions in the teams of our partners, advertising corporate communications of our clients, advertising goods and services of our clients, and advertising our own services.

3. Categories of Personal Data

Lilium collects specific data depending on each individual project, respecting the principle of collecting minimal data necessary for the implementation of each project. These personal data are usually classified into the following categories: Personal information (e.g., position, name, date of birth, and gender) Technical information (e.g., public IP address, time and date of access, browser activities, browser settings, etc.) Arbitrary information (e.g., your responses, comments, etc.)

4. Storage of Your Personal Data

Lilium does not store or process your personal data longer than described in promotional communication. We store your personal data only during the duration of individual projects or until the moment you request us to remove your data from our systems. Your data is saved on cloud databases obtained from leading global companies such as Google, Facebook, or Amazon for maximum data security.

5. Recipients of Your Personal Data

Lilium does not share your personal data with third parties, except with the business entity that has engaged us for each individual project, which is usually evident in the promotional communication preceding the completion of contact forms.

6. Requests, Comments, and Complaints

6.1 Data Controller

The data controller is Lilium d.o.o., and our contact information is:
Lilium d.o.o.
+387 61 522 775
Generala Mehmeda Alagića 6, 71000 Sarajevo

6.2 Requests

Although Lilium is not registered in the European Union, our standards imply compliance with EU rules, considering that a significant number of our partners operate within the EU. You have several rights related to the protection and processing of your personal information. These rights include:

6.2.1 Access to your personal data, according to Article 15 of EU Regulation 2016/679; You have the right to request information on how we process your personal data and, accordingly, access to your personal data that we possess.

6.2.2 Correction of your personal data, according to Article 16 of EU Regulation 2016/679; You have the right to correct your personal data that may be inaccurate or incomplete.

6.2.3 Deletion of your personal data, according to Article 17 of EU Regulation 2016/679; You have the right to ask us to permanently delete your personal data, except where exceptions for retaining personal data apply.

6.2.4 Restriction of processing your personal data, according to Article 18 of EU Regulation 2016/679; You have the right to request the restriction of processing your personal data in specific circumstances.

Data portability, according to Article 20 of EU Regulation 2016/679; In certain circumstances, you may have the right to request access to your personal information in a machine-readable format. The right to data portability includes the right to have your personal data transferred directly to another data controller.

If you want to exercise your rights related to your personal data, an appropriate and preferred method is to contact the Data Controller.

6.3 Complaints

If you have complaints, you can contact your local judicial institution.


If you have additional comments, wish to exercise your privacy rights, or have general inquiries regarding our services, please contact our team at

7. “Cookies”

When you visit our websites, a “cookie” is stored on your system containing information about your browser, language settings, and public IP address. You can prevent the storage of cookies by adjusting your web browser settings or managing your settings to delete cookies after closing your web browser. Please note that completely disabling cookies may affect your ability to use our services or the quality of their use.