Case Study: How Meinunfallauto Sold 28.000+ Damaged Cars

How Meinunfallauto Sold 28.000+ Damaged Cars

Eight years ago, the owner of Meinunfallauto had a revolutionary idea: even damaged cars could be sold online.

As an entrepreneur full of passion but lacking stock and capital, many doubted his vision – people usually don’t buy damaged car online.

Even though he had no social media followers and no stock, he had a clear vision and plan which we’ll share with you.

In car selling business, two things are crucial: a good offer and online marketing.

While a good offer speaks for itself, online marketing is an often-underutilized tool in the car sales industry.

Many car salespeople rely on word-of-mouth, claiming it’s the best marketing. While effective, word-of-mouth is not scalable. Recommendations might help you sell 10 cars a month, but to reach 50 or 100 cars a month, online marketing is essential.

Meinunfallauto grasped this early on, enabling them to sell over 28.000 cars and generate over € in revenue.

Online Marketing was a Pivotal Step

The principle of online marketing is simple: the more you invest, the more you get.

For example, if you invest €5, your ads will be seen by 1.000 people. For €500, your ad reaches 100.000 people.

In less developed countries, the reach can be even higher, even though it’s more expensive in markets like the US or EU.

Selling just one car through this method puts you in profit, and every additional car sold generates pure profit. If you sell 10 cars with a profit of €500 per car, you’ve returned your investment tenfold. As long as your numbers hold, increasing your online marketing budget is a wise move.

Building a Follower Base Generated Sales

Many large companies invest in marketing even if they are breaking even because it increases their follower base.

For instance, Meinunfallauto has gained 146.000 followers on Instagram, 210.000 on Facebook, 130.000 on TikTok, and a base of 28.000 contacts who have bought cars from them in the last 8 years. That totals over 500.000 followers.

This follower base is a direct result of investing in online marketing, and now they can rely on this base without needing constant investment.

Timing is Crucial

In a few years, social media advertising will be more expensive.

How to Achieve Similar Success

Our online marketing agency, Lilium Digital, has worked with over 600 companies in various industries. In the automotive sector, we’ve partnered with big names like Mercedes, Porsche, and Audi, besides Meinunfallauto.

In collaboration with Meinunfallauto, we’ve created a special package to boost your car sales, as well as other products or services. This package includes everything:

Creating ads for Facebook and Instagram

Targeting potentional customers

Monitoring and optimizing online campaigns

A budget for one month of online promotion amounting to €500

Matching your Expectations with your Budget

If you expect to sell hundreds of cars for €997, this package isn’t for you; a larger budget is needed for that. However, our experience shows that for €997, you can sell additionally 5 to 10 cars, depending on your offer.

If that sounds appealing, schedule a consultation to see if we can help you increase your sales.

This offer is tailored for small car dealers who want to dip their toes into online marketing and see the results. If you’re already using online marketing and want to take it to the next level, contact us, and we will create a special offer for you.