Case Study: A Case Study on Strategic Amazon Optimization for a European coffee and tea Brand

Case Study:A Case Study on Strategic Amazon Optimization for a European coffee and tea Brand La Natura Lifestyle

Client overview:

La Natura Lifestyle is selling a suisse coffee & tea brand with some unique USP’s, and he is seeking to enhance their online presence and drive sales through targeted advertising campaigns. He approached our agency in August 2023 with concerns about stagnant sales in the European market. La Natura Lifestyle sought to optimize their content, improve their PPC campaigns, and launch new products to revitalize their sales performance.


  1. Increase sales revenue and overall performance.
  2. Identifying high performance products
  3. Optimize content to attract more customers.
  4. Enhance PPC campaigns for better visibility and conversions.
  5. Successfully launch new products to expand the product range.


  1. Identified low search volume in the german and France market.
  2. Discover main keywords with a search volume of approximately 100
  3. Recognized the lack of effective keywords for PPC campaigns.
  4. Evaluated less effective campaign strategies.

Content Enhancement

  1. Conducted content writing services to optimize approximately 400 listings.
  2. Created compelling images and A+ Content for around 120 listings, increasing their appeal to potential customers.
  3. Diversifying offerings through new product launches


  1. Duration: 5 months
  2. Purchase value: 63.367,24 €
  3. Invested amount: 3.682,47 €

Key achievements

  1. Improved click-through rates and conversion rates
  2. Achieved significant growth in organic sales advertisement sales
  3. Maintained ACOS between 15-16%
  4. Enhanced page views and sessions, leading to increased customer engagement.
  5. Optimized content for approximately 120 listings, resulting in higher visibility and relevance.
  6. Developed appealing images and A+ Content for around 120 listings, capturing customer interest and boosting conversions.
  7. Developed a completely new Amazon Front-Store which is going live mid of April 1, 2024
  8. Started a subscription on Amazon and achieved significant growth from Zero to 500 subscribers every month