Case Study : Scaling Online Presence for Apoteka Viva 24

Case Study : Scaling Online Presence for Apoteka Viva 24

Client Overview:

Our client is an online pharmacy with a limited number of retail stores. They sought to expand their online presence to reach customers beyond the local market served by the retail stores. Focusing on selected over-the-counter (OTC) brands with significant margins, they aimed to achieve a positive return on investment (ROI) from online advertising and initial client acquisition.


Apoteka Viva 24 was having trouble expanding their business. They had a couple of retail stores, but starting another one would require lots of investment. Coincidentally, we emailed them and brainstormed a solution together. The solution was to create an online store that could reach beyond the local market, save on costs, and grow their revenue. 


To scale the existing online shop for the pharmacy and expand its reach to customers outside their local market. The emphasis was placed on selected OTC brands with substantial margins to ensure a positive ROI from online advertising and client acquisition efforts.


As of recently, we’ve added $239,952 USD in NEW revenue for Apoteka VIVA 24. The best part? It only cost them $5,775 USD in total. 

That’s a 40.51x ROAS on JUST Facebook (Meta) Ads.

On the other hand our Google Ads added an additional $65,216 USD in revenue costing them only $7,533 in total. 

We first started by analyzing the ROI on their current advertising campaigns, discovering their lost revenue, and executed new advertising campaigns optimized for their audiences. 

  • Facebook Campaigns:
    • Spending: USD 5,775
    • Purchase Conversion Value: USD 239,952
    • Average Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS): 40.51
  • Google Campaigns:
    • Cost: USD 7,533 (converted from EUR)
    • Conversion Value: USD 65,216
    • ROAS: 8.66


  • Targeted Campaign Strategy:
    • Developed a targeted advertising strategy focusing on selected OTC brands with high margins to maximize ROI.
    • Utilized Facebook and Google Ads to reach potential customers effectively across multiple platforms.
  • Geographic Expansion:
    • Leveraged online advertising to expand the pharmacy’s reach beyond the local market served by retail stores.
    • Targeted regions with high potential for online sales and minimal competition from existing brick-and-mortar stores.
  • Performance Monitoring and Optimization:
    • Monitored campaign performance closely, adjusting targeting, messaging, and budget allocation to optimize results.
    • Implemented continuous A/B testing to identify the most effective ad creatives, messaging, and targeting strategies.