Case Study : Maximizing ROI for a Children’s Clothing E-commerce Three Bows

Case Study : Maximizing ROI for a Children’s Clothing E-commerce Three Bows


Our client operates in the e-commerce industry, specializing in children’s clothing. They faced the challenge of a limited advertising budget while aiming to increase their average order value to ensure a healthy margin for online client acquisition

Three Bows partnered up with Lilium because they wanted to cut down the cost of their marketing. They were testing a bunch of different agencies in hopes of finding an agency that would bring down their costs and increase their revenue. 

The solution was to first perform a free profit analyzation for them to discover where all their expenses were going. 


To increase average order value and overall sales for the children’s clothing e-commerce brand within the constraints of a limited advertising budget. This involved strategic campaign planning and optimization to maximize return on investment (ROI) and drive revenue growth.


In just 11 months, Three Bows increased their total sales by 81%. 

They invested $19,879 and got a return of $728,325. That’s a 36x ROI

  • Campaign Duration: 11 months
  • Invested Amount: USD 19,879
  • Total Sales on Shopify Account: USD 728,325
  • Increase in Total Sales: 81% compared to the previous period


  • Budget-Conscious Strategy Development:
    • Developed a tailored advertising strategy that focused on maximizing ROI within the client’s limited budget.
    • Leveraged cost-effective channels such as Facebook catalog sales and Google Ads to reach the target audience efficiently.
  • Average Order Value Optimization:
    • Implemented tactics to encourage upselling and cross-selling to increase the average order value.
    • Utilized dynamic product ads and targeted promotions to entice customers to add more items to their cart.
  • Campaign Execution and Optimization:
    • Implemented and managed Facebook catalog sales and Google Ads campaigns to drive targeted traffic to the client’s e-commerce store.
    • Conducted ongoing monitoring and optimization to ensure campaigns were performing efficiently and meeting objectives.